Presentation of the company TMC cutlery : Its founder, Theillol Herve, craftsman cutler in Thiers (Puy de Dôme, France) ensures the subcontracting in the assembly of folding knives, as well as the creation and marketing of exclusive models, with a wide choice of materials and finishes.

Hervé Theillol, in the knives’ business since 1994, explains : « The passion for knives and good work was passed on to me by my in-laws who had been working in the folding knives business for several generations, with fervour and enthusiasm.

After 17 years as a sub-contractor for several recognized companies in the Thiers area, in 2011, I decided to create my own company called TMC (Theillol Montage Coutellerie).

Since then, I have kept the subcontracting part, and also offer my own creations with exclusive designs, entirely designed and assembled by me, with quality materials for a growing and faithful clientele».

      • Exclusive models (20-16®, Le Complice, Le pocket®, Le Ti’ Pot’®, Saint Jacques®)
      • Traditional knives (Laguiole) and regional patterns
      • Knives from my inspiration with or without damascus blade
      • Customizable knives (laser marking on the blade) according to your wishes
      • 100% French design and manufacturing
      • Entirely made by hand, using traditional methods
All the materials composing the handles of our knives come from local companies (FSC certified wood) or national companies (inclusion and so on…). The steel of the blades used is 12C27 (or sandvik) : quality Swedish steel (13.5% chromium, 0.6% carbon) mainly known for its remarkable cutting quality.
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