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Presentation of the company TMC cutlery : Its founder, Theillol Herve, craftsman cutler in Thiers (Puy de Dôme, France) ensures the subcontracting and the assembly of folding knives, as well as the creation / marketing of exclusive models, with a wide choice of materials and finishes.

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La coutellerie TMC, artisan coutelier à Thiers (Puy de Dôme, France) assure la sous-traitance en matière de montage de couteaux fermants, ainsi que la création et la commercialisation de modèles exclusifs, avec un grand choix de matières et de finitions.

Thiers city in France

Built on the slopes of the Durolle Valley, facing the « Puys » mountain chains (listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site), the medieval architecture of the city of Thiers appeals to its visitors.

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They talk about us

A remarkable quality of knives and a really great welcome. I recommend!!

Freddy Knight

I’m so happy with my « complice » knife. Great service. I’m fully satisfied with this knife.

Alison Crowe

I ordered three knives and I am very happy with the quality, as well as the beauty of these knives.

morin nancy

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TMC Coutellerie
37 chemin des Ribbes
63300 Thiers -France

Ph : (+33) (0) 6 68 33 76 98
email : contact@tmc-couteaux.fr

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